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We give you one of the most comprehensive ways of starting your business today. If you’re ready… why not join us?

Interactive Courses

The courses are here to help you get started and we are with you every step of the way.

Video Tutorials

Most of our lessons contain video tutorials to really help you get started. Video are great and really help.


At the end of every lesson there will be a short quiz to make sure you understand the lesson. Don’t worry we have made them super simple.

New Monthly Content

Every month there will be new lessons and modules. You will help us build the courses with your feedback.

Incubator Forum

We will provide our private Incubator Forum so you can ask us those important questions to help you validate and start your business.


Our Entrepreneurs community is a strong one and we will introduce you to a network of people who can really help you.


Happy kickstarters

Andrew Gibson

Co Founder

“Great at getting knowledge and experience out of attendees.”


Idris Hussain

Sellafield Ltd

“Overall a great programme, I’m grateful that I was afforded the courtesy to attend this course. It should be rolled out to all employees across the SL site, which will promote well needed change and intrepreneurship within the organisation.”


Tim West

MD, West Coast Group

“Although I had mixed feelings about attending the course, I soon realised I was extremely lucky to be taking part in what turned out to be a truly remarkable course.”


Start your business today

Start Your Business Today!

Joining us has never been so easy. Once you realise that we are only here to help you can join us for the full course. Don’t forget if your an entrepreneur or full time student based in Cumbria you could join us for a whole year for free. See you on the inside.


All your burning questions answered. We won’t leave anything out and if we haven’t answered it here please contact us.

How does the free trial work?

You get access to the Validation module for 7 days to decide if the course and lesson structure is for you. During the 7 day RISK FREE trial you can upgrade at any point, just get in touch with us or sign up for the full course. It’s that simple. Follow the link to sign up: 7 Day Free Trial

How often do you release new content?

We will release new content every month. Because we want to provide exactly what will help you start and grow your business we will be asking questions in the private Facebook group from time to time.

Do you offer Face to Face Courses?

Yes we do, but because of COVID-19 we are restricted in what we can offer. Rest assured that as soon as lockdown has finished and we are given the go ahead, we will be offering our ever popular face to case courses here in Cumbria.

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

If you do get stuck we are here to help. Although we don’t think for one minute that you will. All the lessons are there to help, they are not designed to trick or confuse you. Starting a business is hard enough, we won’t add to that.

What age groups do you support?

We support anyone who wants to start a business. Age, for us doesn’t come into it, if you have an idea we will help you explore and validate it. Once your idea has been discussed we will do all we can to make you successful.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can cancel, but we do not offer refunds. You can take the 7 day trial to find out if what we offer is for you. We envisage that once you join us, you will not give cancelling a second thought. 

Membership Pricing

When you click the ‘Sign Up Now’ button you will be taken to the Online Learning System on our sister site ‘TEGvirtual’ to sign up for the course.

“If you had to buy each module separately from Udemy it would cost over £1,000.00”


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